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Web Design Blog

Content Management Systems (CMS) are becoming the norm in the web design community.  Gone are the days of front page and FTP.   Content Management Systems allow most content updating of a website to be done via a web browser, some so intuitive that web design skills are not required.  A content management system should be a priority for any organization considering building a website.  If your web designer uses a CMS you get value added benefits such as:


Lower design costs - No need to pay your web designer for small changes.  You can do it your self! SEO Benefits - Search engines like to see new content on your web site.  Being able to update it you self allows for this. Immediate Changes - Why wait for your web designer to change it for you.  Its 3am and you want your content changed.  Go for it! Scalable - Scalability is a concern for any organization.  As you grow so should the tools that support your business.  Your website should be no different. uses...

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For all of us our website is not just a set of files sitting on a server somewhere, its an extension of our business -- an important first impression.  For this reason you want a professional looking site that represents your organization.  Whether you are a small business or large business, a club or non-profit organization, you want the look and feel you deserve. 

Consider using a design professional to help you meet your design goals.  A professional will not only make the site look right, but they will aid you in gearing your content to be search engine optimized (SEO).  Having the right content, along with a well organized site will not only benefit your end-users in navigating your site, but it will also help your SEO ranking.

Don't forget about functionality either.  Think about the tools you could present to your end-user.  Maybe its something as simple as a "conact us" form or something more complex like a shopping cart.  Presenting the right tools for the end-user will make their experience...

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